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Kastamonu Faculty of Arts and Sciences was founded under the Presidency of Gazi University in 25th August, 2003.

Prof. Dr. Abdullah GÜNEN was appointed as the dean of the faculty by Gazi University in 2003–2004 academic year and the works related to the establishment and development of the faculty were initiated.

In 17th March, 2006 the faculty was separated from Gazi University and has been continuing its education activities under Kastamonu University since then.

Faculty of Arts and Sciences of Kastamonu University started its education activities with the two departments; physics and history. The first students to these departments were enrolled in 2003–2004 academic year. It was in the spring term of 2006–2007 academic year that the first students got their degrees as the first graduates of the faculty.

Prof. Dr. Süleyman TABAN was appointed as the dean of the faculty in 19th July, 2007.